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Maxon 2023.1 출시

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Cinema 4D 2023.1이 출시되었습니다.

신기능은 아래와 같습니다.

New Features

Pyro - Realistic Smoke, Fire and Explosion Simulation

  • Easily make any object emit smoke, fire and explosions by adding a Pyro tag

  • Sparse solver with unbound domain for smoke and fire simulation

  • Solve simulations via GPU or CPU

  • Shared simulation environment and forces with Cloth, Rope and Soft Bodies

  • Supports C4D Forces, including Field Force

  • Fuel, density, velocity, temperature, color and pressure emission from surface or volume. Vertex map support for masking emission.

  • Multiple advection modes & pressure solvers

  • Pyro Object allows selective generation of vdb structures from Pyro sims

  • Simple caching of Pyro sims to vdb via Pyro Object

  • Simulation Time Scale

  • High-quality viewport display of density and temperature in Pyro and VDB Fog objects powered by NanoVDB

Radial Symmetry & Modeling Enhancements

  • Radial Symmetry for most modeling tools (in addition to Planar and Topological)

  • Radial Symmetry within Symmetrize command

  • Radial Symmetry within Symmetrize Selection command

  • Iron Tool preserves mesh and selection boundaries

  • Flatten Tool includes option to use axis position

  • Close Polygon Hole Tool includes a Patch mode for simple circular holes which supports rotation and width options

  • Close Polygon Hole Tool includes a new Close All Holes option

RS Camera

  • Significantly improved UX for defining camera parameters

  • Define Focus, Bokeh, Motion Blur and Exposure via physical camera attributes

  • Easily add Redshift Color Correction, Lens Effects and other Post Effects settings

  • Sensor Fit options provide control over relationship between camera and render aspect, making it easier to render a single composition in different aspect ratios

  • Frustum Display option to show viewport camera preview always, never or on selection

  • Filled display of camera focus plane with controllable opacity

  • Viewport preview of Fisheye, Spherical and Cylindrical Projections

Redshift Integration Enhancements

  • Redshift Standard now default Redshift material / reordered RS Materials creation menu

  • Easier Viewport rendering of Redshift previews - active node space changes only when unsupported

  • Redshift Viewport Preview of Animated Textures

  • Redshift Viewport Preview of Vertex Color and Vertex Maps

  • Redshift Viewport Preview of simple Ramp nodes (noise is not supported)

  • Redshift Viewport Preview of Color Correct node

  • Redshift Viewport Preview of Invert Color and Invert Value nodes

  • Redshift Viewport Preview of Color Composite node (when compositing a texture with color, vertex maps and noises - multiple textures are not supported)

  • RS Standard Material: Viewport preview of Subsurface color and weight

  • RS Material: Viewport preview of Subsurface Transmittance Color and Scatter Scale

  • RS Viewport Previews support generic group nodes used in GoZ, USD and FBX material import

Other Enhancements

  • Substance Engine support on Apple Silicon

  • Procedural Point and Edge Selections using Fields

  • Procedural Selection tags can be easily added via tags menu

  • Procedural Selections and Vertex Maps can be calculated before or after deformations via “Use Deformed Points”

  • All Tag menus can be torn off, tags can be integrated into palettes

  • Scene Nodes: Formula Node allows simple multi-step / multi-variable calculations in a single node

  • Scene Nodes: Geometry Collision node improved options and behavior

  • Cineware Unreal Integration supports C4D 2023.1 and Unreal Engine 5.0.3 or 5.1, now with support for deformed mesh animation. Download at maxon.net/unreal.

  • ?
    송온민 2022.11.15 16:54
    요번에 pyro 완전 개선되서 나왔네요

    vfx 늘 아쉬웠는데 대박입니다



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