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CINEMA 4D를 사용하기 위한 하드웨어 사양입니다. <출처> http://www.imashination.com


*Mouses (It's in the dictionary)
- 2버튼 이상의 마우스
- 로지텍, MS의 제품. 옵티컬(광) 마우수 권장
- 5버튼 이상 사용시 버튼별 각종 기능부여 가능,

The device you use to control C4D shouldn't be skimped on. You'll be using this all day and every day. The first thing to do is chuck away that manky one or two buttoned mouse which came with your system. PC's often come with tacky 2 button mice with a heavy ball and Macs come with those inaccurate single button lumps. Go down to the nearest store and grab yourself a well built mouse (or trackball) with at least three buttons and a wheel, plus make sure its optical. A nice Logitech or Microsoft one will do the trick (don't snub them just because they're Microsoft, they're actually one of the better mouse manufacturers)

- 최소 256MB이상권장

Don't use a machine with less than 256 megs, 1 gig is a decent amount for most people, although architects will benefit by stocking up with a couple of gigs. With RAM prices being so low, there really is no harm in putting a gig or so in your machine. Two 512 sticks of RAM will usually give you the option of upgrading a bit later if needed

*Graphics Card
-XL 7의 경우 지포스 2게열 이상
-XL 8의 경우 지포스 쿼드라 계열 권장, ATI 9700 PRO, 9800 Pro권장
-그렇게 큰 작업이 아니면 Open GL지원 일반 그래픽 카드 사용무방

Anything from XL7 and earlier doesn't make fantastic use of a gfx card, but they will use them. For example a Geforce 2 card (not those cheap MX ones) will roughly double the speed of the XL7 interface. Under Release 8, gfx cards are fully utilized, with high end cards such as the Quadro, giving excellent results. Recently ATI have improved their consumer cards by quite a bit, traditionally they have had good hardware, but let down with unstable drivers. Cards such as the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and 9800 Pro give great speeds; these all support a feature called 'dual planes'. This feature allows you to edit and position objects within a complex scene with great speed.

-Pc : 펜4
-Mac : G4 이상(그 이하도 큰작업이 아니면 무리없이 사용가능)
-듀얼의 경우 최고 180%이상의 렌더링 속도 상회 가능, 최고 16개 CPU 시스템 까지 지원

Get the fastest you can afford. Simple.

Dual, quad....etc processors will be made use of, by splitting up any remaining rendering between themselves they will always be hard at work. Note that only one processor can be used at a time while editing your scene. When it comes to C4D, MHz for MHz, the G5 will give the best performance. Athlons are slightly faster than the G4, while they are in turn a bit faster than the Pentium 4. The Pentium chips however have reached very high speeds, currently topping 3.2GHz per chip. The higher end Pentium 4 chips also feature a nice bit of technology called Hyper Threading. HT splits the single processor into two virtual processors, so as far as Windows XP is concerned you will actually have 2 real processors. The advantage of doing this is that the system can make use of any spare bits of the processor which aren't being used; in Cinema 4D terms this will equate to a 20% speed increase. This speed up will be applied to the majority of work you do with Cinema 4D, ut there are some situations, usually very small or fast rendering frames, which will not benefit much.

*PC 권장사양
=Home user / Small business(집에서 개인 사용자 및 소규모 작업)

-Athlon 2600+
-756 Megs DDR 400MHz RAM
-19" flat screen CRT
-Motherboard with DDR400
-Geforce 5200FX / ATI Radeon 9700pro graphics card
-Harddrive at 7,200RPM, whatever size you need


-Dual Intel Xeon4 3.2GHz
-2 Gigs DDR 400MHz RAM
-Dual 21" screens
-Motherboard with DDR400 and RAID 0(레이드 시스템)
-x2 identical harddrives at 7,2000RPM
-Geforce FX 5950 Ultra / Radeon 9800 XT
-OS : Windows 2000 or Windows XP(권장) 98, ME(보통)


-G4 - The fastest, most expensive one you can afford
-G5 - Any(적극 권장-돈이 된다면..)
-듀얼 권장,

G4 Macs are slow, don't try to kid yourself otherwise. They have a top speed of 1.4GHz as a dual, compared to 3.2GHz on on the PC side. The operating system is fresher and more stable, but this makes little difference to CINEMA 4D unless your system is constantly crashing.
The Altivec unit cannot be used for 3D. Its not that MAXON cant or won't make use of it, its because it physically cannot do the maths required. While its great for 2D work, it doesn't offer enough precision for 3D imagery. Other 3D companies tell you that they make full use of the Altivec, what they don't tell you is that it's only used for the filters which are applied after the image is rendered, seeing as these filters take a second or two to be processed, there is little point in wasting time on it.
The G5 is another kettle of fish. These do offer reasonable speeds for work, you shouldn't have a problem with any of these machines.

보통 유저들의 사양보다 높지만 위에는 작업상의 흐름에 적당한 속도를 확보할수 있는 사양이라 생각됩니다.
보다 낮은 사양에서도 사용이 가능합니다.

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